VIA Launches New Survey Seeking Input on Transportation Plan

Third Vision 2040 survey available online and in print for public’s feedback.

via survey

VIA is seeking your input to help shape a long-range transportation plan that will serve the Greater San Antonio Region through the year 2040.

On March 3, 2016, the agency launched its third interactive online survey to determine where future transit investments should be made. The public may access the survey through March 31, 2016.

Two previous surveys were conducted in 2015. The feedback collected was used as a foundation for the latest questionnaire. Public input from the surveys will help shape the community’s vision to address the region’s current travel challenges, and develop a system to increase the role of transit in the future.

“The public provided important feedback and suggestions in response to the VIA Vision 2040 surveys conducted in 2015 and we anticipate great participation in the new phase of this project,” VIA President/CEO Jeffrey C. Arndt said. “We want to build on the public’s input so that we can shape the future of public transportation, together. This will help ensure that the plans we make today are sustainable for generations of tomorrow.”

VIA identified essential elements to its long-range plan based on feedback and recommendations of more than 7,000 respondents during 2015. They include the enhancement of its bus system, including need for more frequent service throughout its system during peak hours, additional Primo bus corridors and improved shelters, sidewalks and crosswalks.

Respondents also recommended the creation of a multimodal network to include dedicated transit lanes for its bus rapid transit (Primo) and light rail. Results indicated VIA should continue to incorporate innovative technology and transportation tools, including mobile fare pay, ride-sharing and real-time information.

The Vision 2040 planning process will continue alongside other significant planning efforts by the City of San Antonio and Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization. Developing these plans together ensures confluence of efforts for our region.