Key Milestones

Understanding the Need

Our region is growing and will face significant travel challenges in the future. Vision 2040 will identify areas of opportunity where transit can play an increased role in supporting our transportation system.

Identifying a Range of Solutions

Vision 2040 will identify a range of transit solutions to serve our region’s busiest and most vibrant areas of activity, employment and housing. The plan will research various modes of transportation, and develop system alternatives to understand how transit could impact our region.

Evaluating Community Solutions

By engaging the community, Vision 2040 will work to evaluate all alternatives and identify a preferred system plan that meets the transit needs of today and tomorrow. The preferred system plan could result in a mix of high-capacity transit, express bus, skip-stop, circulator and local bus services.

Defining Projects & Plans

One significant outcome of Vision 2040 will be a set of projects and plans to be added to the existing capital plan, VIA SmartMove. VIA’s short-term investments will be consistent with the vision and purpose identified throughout the process of Vision 2040.